A Trans Girl Has No Name

“Until you have rid yourself of everything you are not, you cannot know who you truly are.”

Welcome to A Trans Girl Has No Name!

Much like the storyline in Game of Thrones from which the title comes, “A Trans Girl Has No Name” is the deliberate process of shedding all sense of preexisting identity. In Game of Thrones, that was to gain the ability to become anyone. For Trans people, it is so that we can shed the expectations that others have placed on us and find our true selves within.

I do have a name. But that’s not where I started. I started at zero and built from there. What, from my former life, do I want to keep? What do I like? What do I want to change? The name came after.

This blog will continue to chronicle my evolution as a writer and as a woman as I make my way through this temporary existence.

Latest from the Blog

Claiming My Identity

It’s amazing what the simple act of starting a blog can do. I mean, I guess I did more than just “start a blog.” I think on a personal level what I did was, “internalize my truth.” Before the blog was even a twinkle in my eye, I constantly struggled with my trans identity. MoreContinue reading “Claiming My Identity”

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